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The Best in the West
"Their attention to detail...was critical to our own analysis...and will save our company significant dollars over the term of the lease."
Michael Worthington, Continental Tire North America, Inc.
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You have a Need, We have a Solution
We listen to you before we speak. Whether it's a requirement to manufacture or distribute and ship by truck, rail or plane, we will find the building to fit your needs.
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Found Money
Have you upgraded your lighting lately? We have a variety of ways to save you money without feeling the effects at the bank.
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Details and Features
ESFR, 3-phase, loop system, fused-link, vision panels. Sound familiar? Maybe not to you, but we know all the details.
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All Specs Are Not Created Equal
We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on industry and building trends and we pass that knowledge on to our clients.
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Things are Starting to Look Up
Energy efficiency is here to stay...from lighting to heating to alternative construction materials...life is getting greener.
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History Repeats Itself
Old and young, experience and youth. Our team has both and we bring that wisdom and energy to best serve our clients and their needs.
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Market Dominance
We're a force and our market share proves that out. We continue to grow our presence through our successes.
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Featured Properties
Exceptional Offerings
We're proud to present ten of the most exceptional industrial properties in Southern California, ranging from 40,000 to 600,000 SF. These buildings offer flexiblity in size as well as geographic location, located east of downtown Los Angeles in City of Industry to Ontario and Redlands in the Inland Empire.
Significant Transactions
Big Deals, Big News
We've been busy, despite the economy! We have found that a sense of urgency is what it takes in this environment and time kills all deals. In 2012 we were able to attribute our success to our client's ability to move fast.
The GC&G Team
GC&G Opens Voit Ontario Office
Now backed by a leaner, more efficient corporate structure, GC&G is primed to deliver even more of its famed client services. Recently, GE hired our team to market and manage an industrial portfolio totaling more than 600,000 square feet for them in the Inland Empire.